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nashville, tn

Tennessee industrial designer builds clever stuff in his garage. This is his story and store and place to bring it all together. Buy some inventions and designs or just keep up with new discoveries.  The man takes a special interest in 3D designs and puzzles.  Lighting and outdoor decor are also a great interest too

Latest Projects..

Candlelit chandelier, an elegant party centerpiece

Marc Williams

This idea had been rolling around in my head for a while. I wanted to create a source of light that you could hang anywhere.  This 16 candle chandelier was exactly what I was going for with all the curves of the real thing. It took a little extra planning to build such a large piece with no glue.. only wood.

Light up your next outdoor party

Marc Williams

Really excited about a quick little design I threw together last night. These lanterns snap together in full 3D from just a dozen small pieces of wood. They look pretty dramatic in a group.  Made to hold small tealights, they are about the size of a softball. You don't need any glue either.

Success story

Marc Williams

The guys over at Bag-r-buck came to me about producing a prototype turkey call they had been working on. After going over a few ideas I came up with a design that matched their extremely high expectations on good quality sound, but also looked good and fit well in the palm of your hand. Since last month we have released 4 other turkey calls. Expect great new things to come if your a fan of the hunt!  You can pick up a finished one over at 

The Fitzgerald makes its debut

Marc Williams

The weekend was beautiful to be outdoors, but I was feeling under the weather with a tummy-thing.  I felt like I wanted to still be productive so I sketched out some ideas of what I could do with the obviously-too-long Edison bulb I found a while back.  Using it for inspiration, mixed with some test tubes I had laying around.. this was a fun project to come together.  Of course.. it was also a lamp.  Only 3 prototypes gave their lives for the finished product.. but that's way better than the last.  After some paint and a light kit.. The Fitzgerald art deco lamp gets finished up on this sunday afternoon.

3D Puzzle released into the wild

Marc Williams

After months of designing, and building.. the kit is born among the vast shortage of 3D puzzles into the world. I've had this idea rolling around in my head for the last 20 years of making some sort of lighting that I've seen in churches.  These were elegant, gothic styles often hexagon in design with frosted windows in an ornate frame.  A few ideas came up when I was working with stained glass, but nothing came of it til years later.  Now that I have my studio getting set up with the right toys.. I've rekindled the old idea and revamped it in a way to work well with thin wood.

The original idea was a finished lamp people could simply order, but when the option of creating a non-assembled puzzle reared it's ugly head.. I thought it had to be!  I wanted to spend the extra time perfecting the construction so you only had to use the bare minimum amount of glue.  Inside, there are pieces that build a rind around the top and lock in the layers you see on the outside at the right distance apart from each other. Around the model, there are other various pieces that also lock together where glue isn't needed.

I have plans to continue this design into a larger version with more lights.  Stay tuned on this project!

Here's a link for the actual item listed: unique-3d-puzzle-gothic-style on Etsy
I'll include some photos below

Test phase complete!

Marc Williams

Taken a couple weeks to get the machine tuned just right, but have been able to play with some projects I found online.  These pieces came from a few sites, but were great to start working with different materials.

Toys have arrived, space getting upgraded

Marc Williams

After months of planning, toys have started arriving in December.  I have a new appreciation for buying products found in the USA, but there wasn't many options in my price range to begin this new chapter. My garage has had a few lives already, but is now getting transformed from it's last use as storage.  It's being reborn as a pretty sweet studio with great lighting and space build and craft new ideas.