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nashville, tn

Tennessee industrial designer builds clever stuff in his garage. This is his story and store and place to bring it all together. Buy some inventions and designs or just keep up with new discoveries.  The man takes a special interest in 3D designs and puzzles.  Lighting and outdoor decor are also a great interest too

The Story

One Man...


My name is Marcus Williams, and I have to admit, I don't like normal office hours.

Since early on in life there are two things I've been fascinated with; the ability to use my imagination to sketch, build, and ultimately create real physical objects, and computers. Quite normal for a kid who grew up in the 80's.

Most of my adult life I've spent collecting the tools and skills that have made my lifelong dreams possible. I could go for hours detailing all the hats that I've worn, from flight school to cleaning jobs, and computer sales to custom trophy making. Like they say, jack of all trades, master of none. But one thing I wasn't preparing for, was for technology to meet my creative thoughts at the right time and place.

These days, I'm able to sit at my computer and unload my ideas through graphic design; some come suddenly and clear, and other take weeks to develop. After I'm done with that, I walk 30 feet to my garage in the backyard of my Nashville home, where I can start cutting and building my newest invention by using my very own laser cutter. Then, I package the design into an actual product, shoot some pictures and put it up for sale online. 

The support and feedback from the people who have purchased my, sometimes, quirky and unusual inventions, have turned what I once considered to be a hobby of mine into a full-time dream job. And I couldn't ask for more. 


One Garage...

Just a simple concrete block building, the garage had seen better days when I moved in.  In the 7 years since, the structure has been re-purposed a couple times.  I thought getting some insulation and drywall put up would help carve out a nice space.  Add to that a massive bay window filling in where the old open bay was..  throw in A/C and some heat.  It's come a long way!  

However, it's new life as a design studio wasn't in the original plan.  Bringing in Wifi that distance from the house, beefing up the electrical needs.  Plenty of new lighting and prepping for a big Laser coming in were all decent challenges to overcome.  I figured why stop there! Since, I've been able to upgrade to three new machines, one bigger than the last, which have have forced me to move my office with all the creative side of work and my shipping station to inside the house.


Meet our mobile store!

Long before One Man, One Garage began,  this idea of a mobile store started to take shape.  It was years later that a backyard project turned into the unique mobile store it is now. Hover over the pictures to get in-depth details how it all came together!