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nashville, tn

Tennessee industrial designer builds clever stuff in his garage. This is his story and store and place to bring it all together. Buy some inventions and designs or just keep up with new discoveries.  The man takes a special interest in 3D designs and puzzles.  Lighting and outdoor decor are also a great interest too


Building your kit

With a growing catalog of designs, it has come time to create a section dedicated to the building process.  Below you'll find links to our build manuals, just in case you need a little extra help.  You may download and print these instructions by right-clicking on each link.

Build Manual - Vintage Camper Birdhouse

Build Manual - Tabletop Fireplace

Build Manual - Cathedral Lamp

Build Manual - The Belmont Chandelier

Build Manual - Firefly + Waterlily

Build Manual - Flower Tower

Build Manual - Fitzgerald Test Tube Lamp

Build Manual - Craftsman Birdfeeder

Build Manual - Carlyle Teabox

Build Manual - Zen Garden

Build Manual - Pagoda Lantern

Q & A - FAQS

Can my item be used outdoors?

Yes. The wood is bonded together with external grade glue between the ply's. It will hold up better over time if you also give it a spray clear coat. Stains and paint are a great addition too. Spray paint works best if you paint the item before you build it.

What kind of fuel does my Tabletop Fireplace use?

The kit is designed to work with a 2.6oz can of Sterno Gel Fuel. This should still be a fairly common item to source locally, but you can also purchase it from sites like Amazon. Once the small can is in place, you can then refill it as needed from any source of gel fuel.

My order says it was shipped, but tracking shows it hasn't left Nashville..

We typically purchase postage in advance of boxing, and shipping your item. Once it reaches the post office, tracking information will begin to update. There are times at peak busy seasons where this doesn't always go as smoothly. If you need specific information about your order, send a message from your order page directly. We can easily keep up with your details faster through Etsy.

I want to make an order, but can I just pick it up locally instead of shipping?

The best way to pick up items in the Nashville area is to drop by one of our booths at a local store. They are listed in the "Shop Local" section at the top.