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nashville, tn

Tennessee industrial designer builds clever stuff in his garage. This is his story and store and place to bring it all together. Buy some inventions and designs or just keep up with new discoveries.  The man takes a special interest in 3D designs and puzzles.  Lighting and outdoor decor are also a great interest too


Product Line


Recent news...

Feb 27, we expanded our linesheet to include a more complete list of items not found at the traditional discounted rate. These kits are Heavier than other kits, with a higher shipping fee to offset the lower retail price.  When combined at the time a customer makes an order, our wholesale price is At or Below the 50% mark.  The line sheet has these items listed with an *astrisk beside them. In a retail environment, you should be able to comfortably double your wholesale cost and still reach your target market.

Jan 10, we launched our new COLOR versions of the Vintage color camper kits into the wholesale market. There is a small difference in price, but both kits do sell well along side each other to give the customer more options. 

Wholesale Policies

With 3 years experience in the retail market, One Man, One Garage is still learning all the ropes of supporting the wholesale world.  We are always encouraging new stores to get involved and apply. 

Each kit is individually packaged with clear shrinkwrap to ensure all the pieces remain together (Except for small airplane cards at this time). A photo of the actual retail package should be seen within the full item description of our Etsy shop. There is a link for each item within the Linesheet.

Minimum order quantities are posted with each design (see most current linesheet above). There is no order minimums beyond that. Payments are due before an order ships out. We typically ship via USPS Priority Mail within a couple days of payments received. 

Your best bet for a successful campaign in a retail setting, is to have at least one assembled kit on display.  If you aren't completely sure about a design, just order a single piece from our retail section.  I'm happy to credit back a later wholesale order that amount as your display piece. :)

Customer Support

We are happy to support all our designs direct with customers, regardless of where they were purchased.  There shouldn't be a need to return an item to your store.  All our designs do include information for customers to find instructions and replacement parts from our website.

We are always striving to assist in the best ways possible.  Most of our more complicated designs have a set of photo-instructions which are able to be downloaded directly from the support page. Video instructions are being added as time permits.


I would encourage you to promote the kits as a fun, educational experience.  We often here from customers who want to buy the design and build it themselves before gifting the final piece to their loved one.  That's kind of cheating! We love hearing how much fun it was for everyone to be involved with the build process from the beginning!